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Our Board meets semiannually (twice each year) on the Sunday evening prior to our continuing education seminars, which are two-day events held on a Monday and Tuesday in May and October.

The Board works on issues such as; election of officers, budget, meeting places, seminar fees, seminar content, seminar speakers and major issues affecting our industry.

ALSEA provides valuable services to tax professionals in Alabama through its education programs (note: many attorneys and CPAs attend our seminars). ALSEA members are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of CE each year in the interpretation, application and administration of federal tax laws in order to maintain membership in the organization. This requirement surpasses the IRS required minimum and ensures that taxpayers choosing to use an EA always receive up-to-date guidance reflecting the most recent tax code updates.

  • Board Make-up

    Officers plus Immediate Past President plus 6 Directors at Large

  • Governance

    The Board of Directors are governed by Article VI of the ALSEA By-Laws.

  • Affiliation

    The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA)


The Board of Directors meet twice each year.


The Directors do not receive any compensation.


The Board follows Robert's Rules of Order (Revised) and must have a majority of members in attendance to constitute a Forum.