Our Board

Authority and Responsibility

The Board of Directors shall direct, supervise, control and manage the property and affairs of the Society , its officers, committees, and publications; shall determine its policies or changes therein; shall actively pursue the objectives of the Society; and shall manage the receipt and disbursement of Society funds.

Election and Term

Effective July 1, 2002, the Officers and Directors of this Society shall be elected for a term of two years, by election in the manner prescribed in Article VII of the By-laws, except as provided in Section 4 of that Article. Newly elected Officers and Directors shall take office immediately.


Vacancies on the Board, or newly created Directorships, shall be filled by appointment by the President, subject to approval of a majority of the Board. Board members so appointed shall serve until the next election.


Compensation of Directors

Directors shall not receive any compensation for their services, but the Board of Directors by resolution may allow a fixed sum for reasonable expenses incurred in attending each regular or special meeting of the Board.


Attendance at regular Board meetings is required. If any Director fails to attend three (3) consecutive regular Board meetings without satisfactory reason, the President may declare that Directorship vacant and proceed to fill such vacancy.

Parliamentary Procedure

Board meetings will be conducted in accordance with ROBERT'S RULES OF ORDER, Revised.


A Director may be removed from the Board for cause. Cause shall include non-attendance at regular Board meetings, as described in Section 6 (f) of Article VI; failure to carry out the responsibilities of his office as described in Article X; conviction in a court of law for a felony; any violation of the Code of Ethics; or other ause which impairs such Director's ability to perform the duties of his Directorship, provided, however, that such removal may not be effective without due process of law where applicable.


Roland "Buddy" Fricke, EA

Accredited Tax Advisor

Past President ALSEA (2003-2004)

"Never forget your dreams, ignore your family, suppress your feelings, neglect your friends, or forget to behappy. Errors of omission are a particularly dangerous type of mistake, because we often make them by default."

What makes a good leader?

Why in the world would you give "honesty" a 99% instead of 100% rating? Have you ever waited on your wife to get dressed for church on Sunday morning, and after several passes by the mirror she asks, do I look fat in this dress? Well, the dress could be as big as the side of a barn with more than ample space to paint "See Rock City" on there and what are you going to say?

Communication 85% rating? Yes, 15% of the people just won't get it. Delegating 75% of the time? If you can delegate the things that you know you are not good at, to someone who is, you can be successful. Creativity 65%? You don't have to be super-creative, just more creative than average. Too much creativity can be counter productive.

Commitment is the one thing you better have nailed down in order to be a successful leader. You might miss that 1% on honesty, but it is your commitment that will you get you both to church on time.

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